Formtech Land Surveying offers a number of legal and engineering surveying services ranging from large and complex condominiums to large and small scale topographic surveys for infrastructure design build, cellular tower design/build to small fence line surveys. Whether the project is large or small, our goal is to please, therefore the client is always treated with the same degree of respect and professionalism.

Every client has different needs, and often the client is unsure of exactly what surveying services are require to meet their needs. Call or email Formtech Land Surveying at any time to discuss your specific needs and we will come up with a specific solution for you.

Surveying & Mapping Services

  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • As-Built Survey or Record Survey
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Layout Survey
  • Control Survey
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Elevation Certificate for Insurance or Construction
  • Quantity Survey
  • Route Survey
  • Specific or Special Purpose Surveys
  • Sketch to Accompany Legal Description
  • Surveyor's Affidavit
  • Surveyor's Report
  • Topographic Survey
  • Waiver of Plat, Tentative Plat and Final Plat Subdivisions

Real Estate

Miami Surveying Map

One of the most common reasons a landowner seeks the assistance of a surveyor is that the location of boundary lines and other lines of occupancy or possession is a critical piece of information to have before you build a fence, add a sunroom or pave your driveway. The survey serves as the legal graphical depiction of the property you are buying and allows you to see all of the features of the property you are going to purchase from an overhead perspective (Size, shape, identity, geodetic location, or legal location). A land survey is required by most mortgage lenders in order for you to get the money you need to purchase a property. Also an Elevation Certificate is used to provide elevation information which is necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances, and to determine the proper insurance premium rate. For residential, commercial and Industrial properties, we offer the followings type of surveying services: ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Condominium Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Sketch to Accompany Legal Description and Surveyor’s Affidavit. In Addition, for investors and/or developers, we offer Land Development: Waiver of Plats, Tentative Plats and Final Plats, and we help the client to summit the applications form, through the Cities and Miami-Dade County, complying with the local, state and federal regulations in order to get the approval of the Cities and Miami-Dade County Commission.


Construction Survey In Miami

We provide our clients practical survey marks including Horizontal and Vertical Control for public and private construction projects in an economical manner, following the Minimum Technical Standards in order to ensure the achievement of the accuracy, completeness, and quality. Our firm uses the latest technological advances in both the field data collection and the processing into Land Development Desktop, ensuring standardization of CAD drawings for multidisciplinary projects, such as civil engineering, architecture, urban and suburban planning. We offer various surveying services including: As-Built Survey or Record Survey, Boundary Survey, Construction Layout Survey, Control Survey, Elevation Certificates per phases, Quantity Survey, Specific or Special Purpose Survey and Topographic Survey.


Government Survey Map in Miami

Our Staff experience varies from surveys for private sector and governmental agencies such as MDWASD , Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation, FPL, FDOT, GSA, Municipalities and other governmental agencies. We offer the followings type of surveying services: As-Built Survey or Record Survey, Boundary Survey , Construction Layout Survey, Control Survey, Quantity Survey, Specific or Special Purpose Survey, Sketch to Accompany Legal Description, Topographic Survey and Elevation Certificates.